Mobile customers want to eat too


A few weeks ago, after another busy morning, I got out of a meeting and searched for nearby restaurants in Google. I found several that looked promising in the results but, frustratingly, none of their websites would open on my phone. In the end, I had to walk around and choose one manually which took a lot longer than my stomach would have liked!

And this got me thinking (and walking), what can a restaurant do to use the internet in the most effective way? What do their customers want?

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Quicky: Adobe to stop Flash development for mobile


ZDnet reports that Adobe has given up on developing flash for mobile and will instead focus on HTML5 and native app development using Air.

Quicky: Airprint-enable your Mac


iPad/iPhone: The list of AirPrint compatible printers is long but if you happen to have one or more unsupported printers, you can use this free/donateware utility to share printers connected to your mac as AirPrint printers:

AirPrint Activator

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