Big strategy on small sites


Here's one: Do the web SEO and traffic generating strategies that we use for big corporate sites work for small business sites?


I think a lot of small to medium size enterprises assume that they can't take advantage of big company internet strategies because they are too small or they require investment. Nothing could be further from the truth though. There are lots of simple, cheap things that SMEs can do. For example:

  • Make sure that your website is being indexed by the main search engines.
  • Think about how you want people to find you. If you want users to see your website when they search for key words or phrases then make sure that the content of your website talks about them.
  • Plug in Google Analytics so you can analyse your site traffic.
  • Don't be too isolated. The internet is a web of links so approach suppliers, trade groups and customers to see if you can cross link your websites.
  • Upgrade your static website to a content management system such as Joomla, Drupal, ModX etc. The cardinal rule of websites is that the content should be interesting and updated regularly. A good CMS allows you to manage everything on your website yourself without any need for developers.

These are just a few really basic ideas and by no means a comprehensive list. I was going to write a full piece about this but I found these great articles on a useful blog called Small business, Big results:


Yes, those are pretty much all must-haves, but I was thinking about some of the (more expensive) marketing efforts using UGC sites and social media typically employed by our larger customers.

Take small bicycle shop for example. Would it be cost-effective to set up a facebook page and a twitter account and a youtube channel with bike reviews and reports on cycling trails or events? It's something that works for a large outfit like Rose Versand but can you do it cheaply enough and get enough return?

You wouldn't happen to know someone with a bicycle shop?

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