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When Daskalidès needed a partner to rebuild their online presence and get their IT infrastructure under control, they reached out to jamaza. Jamaza provided them with high-availability infrastructure, developed custom integrations and various online presences in record time.


What can we do for you?

Jamaza brings a fresh perspective and innovation to your project and backs that up with a full range of technology and software development services.

Software Development

Software engineering teams for small and large development projects.
Ask about our experience in the Media Industry!

Mobile Apps

Apps and server back-ends for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile.

Embedded development

Software for embedded projects (Arduino, Internet of Things, ...).


Enterprise Software

Software engineering services for large and small projects



Software for mini-computers Like Raspberry pi, oDroid, Intel NUC,


Mobile Apps

Inviting apps engage your users and drive revenue


Embedded Development

Software for embedded devices Arduino, ESP8266, IoT, ...