EducationTeaching the next generation



Jamaza designs, develops and creates/manufactures STEM materials for education. We divert some of our skills and resources to help the next generation get ahead. Our focus is mostly the 8-18 age groups and teaching professionals. 

How to get our equipment/materials

Our equipment and materials are available through GeckoLab VZW, The leading STEM-academy in Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium.


Connecting schools with local businesses

Schools often struggle to keep up with the fast changing pace of business. Keeping up with technology is now an almost impossible task. Jamaza believes in helping teachers better prepare kids for the jobs of the future by creating training equipment and materials and serving as a liason between educators and local businesses that want to help the next generation master the skills they need to succeed.

Contact us if you own a business and want to contribute!


Hardware & Software

Jamaza designs and manufactures hardware such as PCBs for STEM electronics projects. Basic boards help students understand the flow of electricity, the function and polarity of components. We also source and assemble kits for sensor, wearables, communications, and Arduino and other embedded projects.


Practical exercises

Our STEM projects are designed around the student experience, giving them as much hands-on experience as possible. Wether it's soldering their own OXO game or designing their own wearable electronics project, we strive to create course materials that combine theoretical teaching with immediate experimentation and/or practical implementation.


Wide range of technologies

When developing our course materials we try to introduce diverse technologies and methods that spark interest beyond the specific teaching goal of that course. For example: an electro-mechanical project that uses 3D printed parts.


We Always Try to Create a Difference

Our focus on practical assignments with age-specific course materials and well-conceived experiments and materials is a great addition to traditional science-teaching. Our Education services and materials are available through GeckoLabs VZW.

Contact GeckoLab VZW for more information