ContentBridge are based In Los Angeles, California. They are a diversified new media firm providing a range of strategic services including: Distribution, Marketing, Online PR, AdShare™ Content Protection & Monetization. Based in California, ContentBridge handle artists, content producers, and rights holders from large to small in all genres and types.

Every day, distributors and library owners are faced with greater competition and higher customer expectations. New distribution platforms continue to grow, while existing platforms are expanding with new approaches. It is a real challenge to manage the complexity of the ever-changing exhibition business models.


ContentBridge maintain a very extensive back-end system to manage and control their customer’s digital media content and rights. This system must be constantly updated and maintained to respond to the ever-increasing and changing media platforms and formats that are available online.
ContentBridge needed development help that is flexible and cost-efficient to support their fast-growing business but wanted to avoid the overhead of maintaining a large, internal development team.


By partnering with Jamaza, ContentBridge were able to build a flexible development solution with Jamaza’s experienced and reliable team. This support ranges from long-term planned projects to fixes and patches that must be turned around quickly.
We work using Agile methodology and tasks are organised via daily scrum meetings organised by Jamaza with ContentBridge’s VP of Engineering. Detailed development specifications and progress reports are also provided so that ContentBridge always have a crystal clear picture of what is planned, what is complete and how long everything takes. Jamaza have been providing development support for ContentBridge for over 5 years.

Technologies Used

Development languages:
•    PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS
•    Java, C++
•    Mac OSX Server, Linux, Solaris, Windows
Storage and Networking:
•    Cloud, Virtualization
•    NAS, SAN, Amazon EC2
•    FTP, SFTP, Aspera, Transporter
•    Episode Engine, Carbon Coder, Apple Compressor, Digital Rapids
•    Audio/Video watermarking
•    Audio/Video fingerprinting (Spread spectrum, INA, ...)
•    Monetization, adshare,...
API integrations:
•    Apple iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, NetFlix, Hulu, CinemaNow, FunMobility, InDemand, CableLabs, PlayStation, Telefonica, Sprint, DailyMotion, ...
•    Test Driven Development, Agile, Automated nightly Unit Tests


Leader Networks

Jamaza has been a trusted partner to Leader Networks for over 15 years. Whenever I need technical guidance, have an innovation project or a client with a digital problem or integration need, Jamaza is always there and delivers beyond expectations. They are strategic thinkers and detailed implementers.  They also blend into existing tech teams with a seamlessness and grace.  There is no problem they can’t solve. They deliver on time, on budget each and every time, no matter how large the initiative.
The Jamaza team has built the Leader Networks website, re-platforming them as the technologies evolved over the past decade and integrating new, cutting edge features and functionality.  We were one of the first professional services firms to have a responsive web design. Jamaza developed it for us and delivered brilliantly.
And we don’t just rely on Jamaza internally, we are so confident in their abilities that we frequently introduce them to our clients too.  Leader Networks provides strategy and research services to larger organizations seeking to advance their digital transformation. For our clients, this means new business models and operational best practices to advance innovation.  Commonly, they have an innovation initiative they need to advance, yet their internal teams may not have the skills or, in other cases, the time to add the project to their roster, Jamaza has delivered to my clients’ delight.  In one case, a F1000 firm in high tech couldn’t solve a challenging and business critical problem with a key system.  I introduced them to Jamaza – they solved the problem quickly and the company still refers to the "Magic" that happened.
Jamaza is well suited to serve both large organizations and small. They are nimble and skilled and their outcomes excellent.

Bidslate Overview

BidSlate® are based in New York, USA. They are a seamless, secure, online B2B marketplace allowing Film makers (content owners) to license their distribution rights, for all territories and formats, directly to global buyers (Networks, VOD-Platforms, Distributors, etc). Bidslate® simplify content rights negotiations and transactions globally.

BidSlate® facilitate the transaction process by offering an end-to-end solution to distribution rights trading. They continuously showcase new titles (from narrative features, documentaries, series to short-content) from the ever growing stream of high-quality media today.  BidSlate® also attracts the world’s media-rights buyers, making for a highly competitive, egalitarian purchase process for all parties, globally.


Bidslate® needed a dedicated, flexible and talented team to build their online platform from the bottom up. The requirements ranged from creating a modern and user-friendly website through to architecting and developing cutting edge technology that allows users to easily upload their large file digital content to secure online storage, showcase their media portfolio and also to create detailed and customised contracts on the fly for all global transactions


The CTO of Jamaza, Manfred Van Ursel, brought his years of experience in the online digital media sector to the table and architected the end to end solution from the ground up. In parallel, our principal website architect built out the online solution to the strict but user-friendly requirements that Bidslate® needed. He is supported by one of our top Joomla component developers to create the unique Bidslate® functionality.

Technologies Used

Bidslate® would prefer if we do not mention the technologies used for this project. Suffice to say, it is a mix of PHP and Jamaza magic ;-)

5th Kind

5th Kind are based in Los Angeles, California. They are the workflow backbone used by the world’s most innovative entertainment companies and consumer brands. CORE by 5th Kind centralizes and secures all digital files to improve collaboration, eliminate duplication, simplify access and reduce costs.

For over a decade, they have created cutting edge technological solutions to make their clients’ lives easier and have been proud to serve as the workflow backbone for more than 50+ blockbuster productions across Hollywood’s major studios including Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., Legendary Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Miramax, Rovio and Sony Pictures.


5th Kind urgently needed to expand their development team to meet their client’s ever growing requirements. They had to do this in the most cost effective and flexible way possible whilst retaining the high standards of quality and on time delivery that their customers expect.


Jamaza have worked with 5th Kind for over 2 years and now provide a full time team of 9 developers backed up by our in-house project management and human resources.

We use Agile methodology and tasks are organised via daily scrum meetings so that 5th always have a clear picture of what is planned, what is complete and how long is needed to complete all tasks.

Technologies Used

•    JavaScript, jQuery,
•    Angular 1, Angular 2
•    TypeScript, WebPack, node.js, LESS

•    PHP 5.x, 7.x, Symfony, Doctrine, Silex
•    Elastic search,, redis
•    MySQL, Python 3, Perl, nginx, Apache,
•    ImageMagic, lib avi, Azure, ffmpeg, web socket

•    Sencha touch,
•    Cordova, objective C.

•    Git, LiquidPlanner
•    Debian, Jenkins, Fabricator.



Daskalidès is one of the premier chocolate and praline brands in Belgium. The company was recently taken over and the new owners inherited an old fashioned website with limited online functionality and several internal IT issues. In addition, they needed to consolidate all their online accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.


We first addressed their urgent IT issues and migrated their email to private cloud storage with new email accounts and filters to catch anything sent to old or defunct addresses.

A virtual server was set up and their old website moved to the new location. We also took back control of all their online accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

We then worked closely with Daskalidès to design and  build their new website and webshop. The new look and feel showcases their quality products in a modern and eye catching manner and the incorporated webshop allows their franchisees to quickly and easily order merchandise for their shops, further increasing business. In addition, their new Google Analytics account allows Daskalidès to track all their users and adapt their marketing in a targeted way.

Technologies Used
•    NetBeans IDE, Flash Decompiler and xDebug server extension
•    Google
•    Wordpress
•    Plenion order fulfillment